Ode to Fromage Blanc

Oh, yes. Fromage Blanc. Ever had it? If you have you’ll be right along with me. It’s the best stuff on Earth. If you think that making your own cheese is something that you would never do, well then, my friend, just give fromage blanc a try. It is truly the easiest cheese to make. I make it on this schedule:

  1. Before I go to sleep, I heat the milk and stir in the starter.
  2. When I wake up, I pour it through the cheese cloth and hang it.
  3. When I come home from work, I have delicious cheese! (“No, can’t stay late today. Gotta go home and tend to my cheese.” This gets funny looks, but I think it’s a valid excuse…)

That’s it! Voila! Cheese! If you hang it for a longer time, you get a consistency of cream cheese, but it’s great when it’s still wet.

So, now that you’re convinced that fromage blanc is so easy that you can indeed make it, let me stress the versatility of this cheese. This can only be done in one profound way – an ongoing list! So, let it begin!

The Many Uses of Fromage Blanc:

  1. mixed with honey, spread on toast or fruit
  2. added to garlic and herbs for a savory spread
  3. stirred into a frittata (with zucchini, mmm)
  4. drizzled onto of brownie batter and then baked

Help me continue the love. Post your ideas to my ongoing list.

To get some fromage blanc starter, see the cheese queen.


7 thoughts on “Ode to Fromage Blanc

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