It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Winter

From juicy fresh berries to sad freezer blobs

It’s easier to eat locally during the summer, when the markets are overflowing with delicious choices. In the winter, things get a little bleaker and, if you’re not careful, you could get sentenced to five months of salad greens. Here’s what I learned from last year: plan ahead. We were lucky to have storage potatoes and carrots, but I hungered for the variety of summer. (Berries!) For me, it’s so painful to take beautiful, fresh produce and commit it to the freezer bag, but if you want to eat in January, you’ve got to find some way to preserve summer. So far this season, I’ve frozen strawberries and rhubarb, dehydrated cherries, and turned spring’s plentiful arugula into frozen cubes of pesto. I’ve come to rely on the National Center for Home Food Preservation website to help me figure out how to do it all. It’s a great resource for any question that you might have about preparing produce for the freezer, drying, or preserving in other ways.


2 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Winter

  1. Among the many things we’ve learned from you two is that, for our next house, we’ll need a deep freeze! With such a tiny freezer attached to our tiny fridge, saving up for the winter has to be relegated to the category of ‘long-term goal’. Sigh.

  2. I prefer to preserve my summer berries inside of a frozen baked good, such as a buckle or bramble.

    Now where have I seen those glorious deep-blue countertops before?

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