Purslane? Yes, You Can Eat It!

Almost each week, we are lucky to find an unexpectedly new vegetable in our CSA box. This week, we held up the abundant bag of purslane and scratched our heads. What was this?? Gourmet suggested that we cook it, but the other ingredients on our countertop convinced us to make this Purslane and Parsley Salad, found on Epicurious.

We made this great salad to take with us to Farmstock and munched it listening to Dan Tyminski’s furious “picking.” It was light, refreshing, and easy to make. Though it’s a little time consuming to pull the leaves off the purslane, the recipe’s 30 minute preparation time is a bit of an exaggeration. (We’d also recommend chopping the parsley a little more finely.)

Purslane grows wild in many places, so if you don’t spot any at the farmer’s market, get out there and forage!


One thought on “Purslane? Yes, You Can Eat It!

  1. …on behalf of the mom…
    Well you would be in purslane heaven here! This year, fat juicy purslane came up strongly in every box and bed I have on the deck. Odd little plant so happy just to be alive, it’s unaffected by the heat or my failure to provide water. So where did it all come from and how come the uniformity of it’s growth? The only thing universal about the beds was the addition of dessicated cow manure! Has to be the answer. I tried to eat it. It’s okay, but I can’t even imagine a whole bowl especially combined with the overwhelming “greenness” of parsley. Have you tried to
    cook this stuff?

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