How to Survive Holiday Travel (and still eat well)


I travel with food. It started out with a loaf of tasty bread made for a road trip, a few bags of specially blended trail mix, maybe a bag of oatmeal cookies. Now that eating consciously "crazy" stormis such a part of our life, we just automatically think about where our next meal is coming from when we leave our kitchen far behind. Maybe it’s obsessive, but I think it’s just practical. And we were sure glad that we had a roast chicken sandwich with us when after two buses, one ferry, a shuttle, and a good samaritan with an suv, we found ourselves sitting on the floor of the Seattle airport among the thousands of other stranded travelers.

How to avoid fighting for whatever is left in the airport vending machine
Prepare and pack:

  • 1 roast chicken, breast meat sliced
  • 1 loaf of good homemade bread
  • carrots, washed and peeled
  • apples
  • homemade bagel chips
  • biscotti (one scrumptious recipe suggestion )
  • hazelnuts for energy
  • homemade granola and some of those little rectangles of organic milk that don’t need to be refrigerated (Horizon?)
  • one Theo chocolate bar (for emergencies)

A few tricks will help keep your food fresh and your stomach happy.
pack anything that is too smelly. You’ll be tired of smelling it by day three. (Ahem…no garlic in the bread next time, please.)
-Slice the bread ahead of time and freeze it. Make your sandwich right on these frozen slices. This will keep your meat chilled and it will be defrosted by the time you want to eat it.
-Biscotti is the world’s best cookie. It can be made way ahead of time and travels really well. (And what is better than a dessert that can also pose as breakfast?)

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  1. Lauren and I tend to pick up sandwiches from Le Panier prior to flying. This is delicious, but the overwhelming idiocy surrounding air travel in the TSA’s America has lead me to wonder if brie counts as a liquid or gel for security purposes.

  2. Anne says:

    Well, hey….as long as it’s in a plastic bag. Take my toothpaste, but please, don’t take my sandwich…

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