Breaking News: Half a Pig


Do we have enough room in the freezer?Today is the day!  Last year I was lucky to be able to sign up to get half of a pig that was being raised just around the corner from me – and the butchered product just arrived.
My cut sheet was a storm of special instructions, since I intend to make my own sausages, try some cured meat, and maybe something more.  All in all, it appears that most of it arrived as requested – though I apparently messed up how I wanted the leg processed.  (No prosciutto this year – but I’m sure it can still be turned into some delicious ham.)

For the curious, the half pig came in at 110 lbs hanging weight.  Out of that I got about 90lbs of pork product back from the butcher.  I had the meat cut in mostly large pieces, but the breakdown was roughly:

55lbs   Chops, spare-ribs, roasts and belly
19lbs   Sausage meat (trim and shoulder)
16lbs   Fat

Look for sausage and cured meat details in the days to come.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne says:

    Meat is back on the menu. Pork chops tonight! Mmm.

  2. Ryan says:

    We just had two pork chops for dinner – they were amazing! Special thanks to Mark for raising such great tasting pigs. (And a mention to the ThermaPen – perfectly cooked meat every time!)

  3. jennybs says:

    I can’t wait for the report on sausage day!! Is there a way to mail some across the country maybe? :-)

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