Looking for Produce in Hollywood

West Hollywood farmer's marketWe went down to LA to visit a friend and soak up some sunshine, and so it was only natural that we would stop by the farmer’s market and stock up on some California produce.

joshua treeOur first stop was unexpected. We went to hike Joshua Tree National Park (amazing!) and found a farmer’s market right around the corner from the visitor’s center. It was pretty meager but I bought some blood oranges and tomatoes. There was enough to put together a little lunch, which we later ate on a rock in the park.

Here’s what we found in the West Hollywood farmer’s market: rain, onions, broccoli, bok choi, green beans, sugar snap peas, greens, spring onions, peppers,  zucchini, and tomatoes. With the exception of the heirloom tomatoes, we were struck by the lack of diversity that we’ve gotten used to in our home market. Out of about four vendors, one had a sign posted that showed organic status. Prices were really low – I bought a whole bag of onions for $1.

Oh, and did I mention.. .. they had STRAWBERRIES! Yes, that’s right. It’s the middle of February and I had a big bowl of strawberries. That may have been enough hope to get me through till spring.. ..


2 thoughts on “Looking for Produce in Hollywood

  1. I wonder if those are the same strawberries that end up here in snowy Cincinnati in our local grubby grocery store. Except ours here appear to be red and ripe but are really white and hard as a rock on the inside. Yuck.

  2. That’s funny. They probably are. I should have hid something in a strawberry and see if it found it’s way to you. :) We didn’t even do anything with them. Just sliced them up with a little cream. It really was too deliciously decadent.

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