The Way In Which I Will Now Always Prepare Brussels Sprouts

So we made a pilgrimage to Nash‘s last weekend (which we will eventually write an article on for you.) We were starved for produce and feeling a little housebound. We always make sure to pick up some brussels sprouts when we hit Nash’s, which to me,  just seem like an instant, intense dose of green veggie.  I have been obsessed with recreating a recipe from our favorite Cincinnati restaurant and have failed over and over again. This time, I decided to let go, and try something new.

The recipe comes from Alice Water’s, Vegetables. It is simple and lovely and elegant. I actually had a lemon in the fridge. It was leftover from a science lesson at school, and I lovingly wrapped it up and plotted what I would do with it in the kitchen. (It’s been so long since a lemon has passed through my refrigerator doors!)

Simply Sauteed Brussels SproutsSauteed brussels sprouts

2 portions of sprouts
2 tbls. butter
1/4 c. stock or broth
salt, pepper
fresh thyme
squirt of lemon

  1. Prepare the sprouts. Rinse and then peel off the few outer leaves of each sprout, if they look a little wilted, brown, or spotty.  I like to cut off part of the knobby bottom. I don’t know if this is the technically correct thing to do, but I like to do it because it is ugly and I can’t imagine it would be pleasant to chew. For this recipe, slice the sprouts into about 3 or four pieces, depending on the size.
  2. Heat a saute pan and melt in the butter. (Alice says that you can use olive oil instead.) Add sprouts and salt/pepper. Cook for a few minutes, until they just begin to brown.
  3. Add in the stock and thyme. Stir around gently and cook on low until some of the stock has reduced. (Sprouts will hold just fine on low at this stage.)
  4. Off heat, squeeze in a little lemon right before serving.

2 thoughts on “The Way In Which I Will Now Always Prepare Brussels Sprouts

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