Kitchen Scraps

  • We went to hear Ruth Reichel, of Gourmet fame, talk about her newest book at Elliot Bay last night. While she talked more about women’s issues than food, she was still fascinating. And?? They’re serving Hot Lips Soda in the cafe. Whoa.
  • The Seattle Cheese Festival is happening at Pike Place Market this weekend. I heard this interesting piece about burrata cheese on the radio this morning. How caEdible Schoolyardn you not be intrigued by a cheese that is a fresh mozzarella stuffed with reduced cream? Mmmmmmmm.
  • A big thank you to my favorite, glorious librarian who found this book for me: Edible Schoolyard. Written by none other than Montessori teacher turned chef, Alice Waters, it was inspirational and beautiful. If you’re someone who believes in the power of food and the empowerment of kids, you’ve just got to read through it.

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