Hamburger Buns

We picked up our 1/4 share of a cow this weekend and promptly dined on steak dinner (and fava beans.. .. .mmm.) I must confess that I look forward to the hamburger just as much aburger buns the steak. I made a double batch of buns today, using this trusty recipe (which is also in King Arthur’s Baker’s Companion.) Making your own hamburger buns is not only ridiculously easy and frugal, but it allows you to create whatever size you like. Make them small, make them giant – you choose. Try adding seeds to the top for a little variety. Buns freeze very well in a tightly closed freezer bag. Before dinner, you can defrost them in the oven even more quickly than you can fire up the grill. Oh, and of course, these can be shaped into hot dog buns, too.


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