Fresh Peas with Minted Butter

shelled peasSince it was the hottest day of the year today, it just seemed right that I should sit on the porch and shell peas, picked fresh from the garden.

2 cups fresh, shelled peas
1 tbls. fresh mint, about 2 small sprigs
1 tbls. butter
salt, pepper

To shell peas: Snap off the tops and pull off the string. Unzip the pod and run your finger along the peas. (Don’t be worried if a few bounce on the porch. That’s supposed to happen.)

Put a pot of water on to boil. In a small skillet, melt the butter over low. Add mint and stir. Keep on low. When the water boils, blanch peas for 2 minutes exactly. Toss with the minted butter and season.

Note: Peas are one of those veggies that you want to eat right away, so try to eat them on the same day that you buy them or pick them. If you come across some at the market, they may be called English shelling peas. The pods will look a little worn and tough. The peas inside are sweet and tasty.


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