Hotlips Makes it Big

HOTLIPS enjoys the viewNow it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Hot Lips Soda, hand-crafted, real fruit soda which sources extra fruit from local farmers. Earlier this year, we were excited to know that you could purchase it in Seattle (though it had been well worth routing your road trip though Portland to pick it up.)

Now, HOTLIPS has made it big. Check out their blurb in the NYT.

Stocking up for holiday guests? Make the yummy soda choice. Read: Some Soda Starts at the Farm.


One thought on “Hotlips Makes it Big

  1. Hi Anne,

    Thanks so much for your support! The NYT piece was a great shot in the arm for us, it may have helped tip the scale with Whole Food Seattle and has certainly boosted traffic to our online store

    We have over a ton of Ayers Creek Blackberries put up to make Blackberry soda over the coming months. As well as other interesting fruits picked this summer. Chef Greene made an awesome batch of Muscat Grape soda (draft only). Next week we’re making 300 gallons of Tayberry soda and we’ll follow that with about 400 gallons of Loganberry (that’s really yummy). I think the loganberry will make it to bottles in the spring.

    We’ve brought back Apple and made a special batch of Lemon/Apple, it’s a really chaser for Rye Whisky.

    Thanks again and let us know if you’d like to see a bottling sometime,


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