News Around Town

With the sun in our eyes yesterday, it’s easy to imagine that the new growing season is now upon us. We’ve got a month to go until the market’s opening and there’s suddenly a lot of action on the farms. CSA’s are starting to take shape, new interns are arriving and, when you look out over the farmland, you can make out the beginning’s of this spring’s vegetables. Yum. Winter is almost over.

  • Persephone Farm, one of BI’s favorite market providers has just launched a new website. You can learn about their farm and philosophy, get connected with their robust csa, and even find recipes.

    Rebecca, of Persephone Farm, gives CSA subscribers a lesson in biodiversity.

    Persephone always has an abundance of different things. We love them for their variety and the pride they take in providing the community with a beautiful, diverse selection. A little known fact about Persephone is that they offer full packages for wedding flowers. Rebecca is a trained floral designer and also offers buckets of loose flowers for sale (not just for weddings!) Their flowers show as much diversity and pizazz as do their vegetables. Can’t wait for the market opening? Persephone also provides veggies to The Four Swallows, Pegasus, the cafe at Bainbridge Gardens, Blackbird Bakery, and our favorite restaurant, Agate Pass Cafe.

  • It’s time to start thinking about finding a pea patch, if you’re the gardening type but don’t have room at home. Check out Sound Food‘s community garden map for ideas (and also for more local food news.)
  • Butler Greens CSA farm store is now open again. You can find them on Tuesdays after 2pm at their new location, 10152 Valley Rd., near the Bay, Hay and Feed.

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