Local Whatnot, Links, and News

Lots of news in the Sound Food newsletter today.

  • Check out my article on making stock out of what you might normally throw on the compost pile. Also included is Ryan’s chicken stock recipe. This is the first in a series that shows you how to get the most for your money out of your farmers’ market purchases.
  • Two new restaurants in Winslow is exciting enough, but two that specialize in sourcing ingredients locally? Too good to be true! Hurry on down to Hitchcock or Arbutus and report back.
  • A community planting event will be held at City Hall on Monday at 10:30AM.

KCAA published a great reference list of all of the markets in Kitsap County.

All One Family Farm, a local farm that delivers great organic fruit to different locations in the summer, published their delivery schedule. Visit their website to sign up for their new mailing list.

And don’t forget to check the Persephone Farms website often. In addition to news and recipes, their The Season blog is updated frequently and shows a fun insight into farm life.


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