Farmhouse Organics Hosts Inspired Dinner

Farmhouse Organics is hosting a fundraising dinner this Sunday on behalf of Suquamish Elementary’s new farm kids program, They’ve put together an impressive cast of local chefs and promise “a special night filled with community spirit, amazing food and an abundance of wine.” Ann and Peter declare that the menu will not only be “inspired,” but insanely amazing.” Tour the farm, dine under a heated  canopy, and enjoy live music. Mingle with others who care about local food and connecting children to their land. The $100 ticket includes includes wine and beer. The menu implies a “dessert explosion,”  with coffee provided by Grounds for Change.

Here are just a few of the proposed menu items. Look for a complete menu at Saturday’s market. Check out the poster for more details.

Complicated Salmon
Chicken Ballontines
Farro and Roasted Butternut Squash
Kale with Golden Raisins, Kalamata Olives, and Goat Cheese
Chocolate Truffle Roulades
Ginger Brown Butter Tarts w/ huckleberries, pears & peaches

Chocolate truffle Roulades

Ginger Brown Butter tarts w/ huckleberries, pears & peaches (or some combination there of.)

Laura Nesby is making about 75 mini cupcakes

Melinda’s Dessert chocolate tarts


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