Kitchen Scraps

  • A few beautiful pumpkins from the Day Rd. patch.

    Sound Food’s November newsletter is out. Read it here or go directly to their site. I posted a recipe for Potato Rosemary Bread which might serve you well as a Thanksgiving bread. Also, read about the Protein Posse and what’s going on down at Pegasus.

  • We had the most absolutely amazing meal at Hitchcock the other weekend. If you haven’t been yet, make a point to go soon. Their menu is seasonal, locally sourced, and exquisite. At the very bottom of it, you’ll see: “Chef’s tasting – name your price.” That’s what we chose to do, and it was so much fun to sit back and anticipate the next selection. If you live in Seattle and are looking for a little adventure, pick an evening, take the ferry over and know that it’s definitely worth the boat ride. You can easily walk down through Winslow to Hitchcock. Sunset Magazine thinks it’s worth the trip, too.
  • Thinking about Thanksgiving pies already? Here‘s a nice tutorial about making and preserving your own pumpkin puree. Put it away for later or use it for pumpkin pie, of course.

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