Lunch Near the Ferry

There was a time when I thought you couldn’t find a good sandwich in Seattle. You know,  just a sandwich – something quick and tasty to grab on your way to somewhere else. Then Homegrown appeared in Fremont and Seattleites were saved. But if you’re an islander and on foot, Fremont is a long way to go for a sandwich.

Last weekend, we got off the boat hungry and stumbled upon Delicatus. You can tell right away that these guys care about what they’re serving. The deli case that greets you as you walk in showcases local and familiar meats from Salumi, Zoe’s, and more.

Here at Delicatus our vision is to meld both local and European traditions by using primarily Northwest-sourced ingredients purchased directly from local farmers, artisan producers and suppliers of the finest regional products. -Delicatus website

Delicatus has a large menu that includes comfortable “traditionalist” choices as well as creative “progressives.” Acting on a craving for prosciutto, I had the Gypsy Rose Lee topped off with a sarsaparilla. (That’s the first time I’ve seen sarsaparilla on the west coast.) A lot of times in a sandwich, the bread is just an afterthought, but the panino roll was very fresh and just right.  I thought the balsamic vinegar a simple addition that brought all the flavors of the sandwich together. R. had East Coast Representin’ – brisket pastrami with pickled red onions on rye. He passed over the oyster chowder, saving that for another time, and chose the soup of the day, tomato.

Both meals were solid, and I’m excited to go back to try some of the other choices. It’s been a long time coming, but there’s finally a good meal to be had in Pioneer Square. Thanks, Delicatus, for bringing the sandwich to downtown.

Delicatus is located at 1st and Yesler. Open Mon.–Thurs.: 11:30am–8pm, Fri.–Sat.: 11:30am–9pm., and closed on Sundays.


2 thoughts on “Lunch Near the Ferry

  1. I went to Delicatus with a friend today. Loved it! Thanks for writing about it. I especially loved the quotations on the chalkboards.

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