We foraged a basketful of black walnuts the other day from the city park. The three of us had a lot of fun looking for them. It’s easiest to spot the nuts hanging heavily in silhouette on the skinny trees. When ready, the nuts drop and roll, roll, down the hill. We took only the ones that hadn’t started to rot or didn’t have holes. I was excited to be able to find so many and, undaunted by tales of having to run them over with a car to get out the meats, I’m dreaming of a black walnut dessert on the Thanksgiving table. It was a crisp day with some real fall sunshine streaming through leaves starting to brightly change. We are back in the midwest.

After a long journey and a lot of changes, we’ve landed here in Kentucky and, though we haven’t found our homestead yet, we immediately have gotten to work putting together our new food system. We won’t have any cherished storage potatoes like last year or a root cellar full of homegrown produce as we hope for next year (they dig basements here!), but we’re hopeful to piece together some resources that maintain the standards that we hold for food and our family.

We’ve found a couple of favorites already and met some friendly, hard-working farmers. We’ve sampled may local markets and some interesting local products. It’s been an adventure so far, and there’s much yet to come.


4 thoughts on “Nuts

  1. Thanks! Good to be back. :) Autumn, yes. Bring on the squash! Though we still have tomatoes and eggplants here. I really miss leeks and greens, though.

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