CSA Bounty: Summer!

We are overwhelmed by the bounty that is our new weekly CSA. Just look what came in our box this week from Fair Ridge Farms. (The eggs and potatoes were excellent extras.) We have so many green things! Strawberries! Green beans! Peas! Suddenly the dark days of winter are a thing of the past.


Fair Ridge Farms drops off at our friends’ shop in Newport, KY, on Tuesdays. If you are in the area and have never made it into Seventh Street Gifts, put it on your immediate summer to-do list! They stock handmade soaps, local products, art, and a little bit of magic.

What will we do with all this veg? Well, we plan to feed salad to everyone we know. R. has been mixing up some wonderful dressing concoctions – perhaps a forthcoming article. And this one, of course, is always a favorite of mine. When I can find the time, the toddler and I will be turning out some dumplings for the freezer with that beautiful Chinese cabbage. Otherwise, we’re just gobbling down fresh snacks and feeling luxuriously wealthy!

Happy summer to you!


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