And…We’re Back!

It’s been a long journey, but we have returned to where we started this process of learning how to feed ourselves. Once again on Bainbridge Island, we’re farther from some friends and closer to others. It’s always hard to move, but returning to a community where we have already established resources luckily speeds the setting up of our family food system. We’ve already begun to lay in supplies and reconnect.

We were grateful, after a long week of travel, to be delivered to our “new home,” as the toddler calls it. I had been hoping and wishing but not dared to think it might actually be true….some of the apple trees that surrounded the house had waited for us. The first thing that we did, after all of the boxes were unpacked, was to pick about 50 pounds of apples right in our front yard. We feel rich. In so many ways.

‘Glad to be home’made  Applesauce

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