Take some time to find and try The Wandering Goose

If you approach eating with care and intention, it’s awfully fun to find someone who does the same. Off the island and at loose ends in Capitol Hill this week, the boy and I came upon the Wandering Goose. Wandering GooseServing breakfast and lunch, it was the perfect place for a midday snack. They have beehives on the roof and choose all of their ingredients with care. Their food is down-home, come on in, southern inspired.  And what struck me most about this neighborhood spot, was that it was a place that you were drawn into and welcomed to stay awhile. Their menu had many affordable options – humongous, crumbly biscuit sandwiches, coffee, and beautiful baked goods. More involved plates include fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, and daily, seasonal specials.

As an interesting bonus, they serve Benton’s country ham. Watch this fascinating short film about the gentleman who makes this ham and the story and heritage behind this ingredient. (Thanks to Alice for introducing us to these short films years ago.)

So find some time to wander in and stay awhile. If you’re looking for fried chicken done well or if you hail from a place where it’s hot in the summer and people actually need screen doors, you’ll find a little piece of home here. (And even if you’re a born and bred Seattleite who hasn’t thought about the remarkable similarity of grits and polenta, you’ll find something to tickle your fancy.)


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