Kitchen Love

We have a new kitchen to get to know and, now that we’re settled into it, are having a lot of fun playing with new things and cooking up old favorites. Here are a few recipes that we’ve been loving lately.FullSizeRender (25)

  • There is no better way to test out a new oven than watching pita bread puff up. I make this recipe with all whole wheat flour.
  • My new favorite trick for breakfast, lunch boxes, and on the go meals is this omelet. Even the t-ball team loved it. (Whew, kids are sometimes the hardest critics.)
  • Steam! Oh, be still my heart. I have a new toy. I’ve been learning how to cook in a steam oven. I’m loading it with fish, rice, and veggies in it,  and instantly making a ridiculously easy and fresh meal. The biggest surprise is that now I can make oatmeal at the push of a button with no pan to clean. I have used this ratio with success: 2 cups water, 1 cup steel cut oats, 1 tbls. buttermilk. Mix it all up in a metal cake pan. Put it in the steam oven the night before. Program it to be done when you wake, cooking for 20 minutes at 212. I have also made yogurt and can’t wait to can and dehydrate in this one stop gadget.
  • I’m not going to lie, there’s been a fair amount of homemade ice cream to get through the busy days. But, there’s also been this healthier, quick smoothie.
  • Still making pizza with this recipe often. These days, when there are kids around, they get topped any old way.FullSizeRender (26)65
  • How did I miss the avocado toast craze? Where have I been? I’m now working to make up for lost time with this stand by.
  • And some days, you just have to treat yourself and let someone else make the coffee. Thanks, Hitchcock Deli. Wow. Just wow.Attachment-1

What’s happening in your kitchen? Hope it’s full of spring goodness and the promise of (fruitful!) summer days.