Strawberry Season

It’s time for everything strawberries. We’ve been enjoying them from our own garden, picking enough for an evening snack or for breakfast. The Day Rd. farmstand is also already stocked with half flats for sale.  I always have mixed feelings about jamming all those lovely, whole berries, but I am certainly glad for them when December rolls around. I have also had a lot of success with vacuum sealing them for smoothies. First I trim the tops, wash, and lay out to dry on a towel – an easy procedure for wonderful, mid winter returns. Strawberry shortcake is a given. You can read about my favorite two ways here. So many possibilities! These are the two weeks of the year when we try to make all of our favorites.  IMG_0854

How about starting the morning with fresh strawberry scones? Or Pamela’s pancakes with sweetened homemade ricotta and halved berries?


A lighter choice might be a spinach salad with an easy vinaigrette: 2 parts vinegar to 1 part oil and a pinch of salt. (I chose a raspberry balsamic vinegar and walnut oil)


And any day now, fingers crossed, they’ll be enough abundance to make our favorite raspberry strawberry jam.