Cauliflower Walnut Salad and Kale Love

Here’s a good, quick picnic or potluck solution for you. I’m getting pretty excited about everything that is growing in the garden – it feels healthy and rejuvenating to have so much freshness. Markets are starting to bustle and our own garden is providing greens by the literal bucketful.

Last week, we found a new favorite pasta dish. (I’m thinking about saucing beans with it too…) Have you tried this trick for kale? You dump a large amount of leaves in the boiling water, skim them out, and then drop the pasta in. Process with a little garlic oil and pasta water and you have a magically fast, green sauce. I have Six Seasons out from the library, and we’ve been having fun working through a few things. I love this book. So much good summer food and simple tricks. The author is in Portland, so the veggies are all aligned with our seasons. And bonus! When reading about him we found that he cooked at Franny’s, the source of another cookbook that we absolutely rely on.