+1 for Crop Diversity

This year the Puget Sound area had a sustained period of unusual winter weather, including snowfallwinter csas of over a foot in areas that normally barely see an inch.  This weather clearly had an impact on farms in the region and the repercussions on over-wintered crops may be felt well into the spring.  However, for farms growing a wide variety of crops and different variants of those crops, the impact promises to be smaller.

As an example, our CSA reported the various greens they were growing in a greenhouse (pea shoots, arugula, chard, etc.) didn’t make it.  Many of the crops they were over-wintering look worse for the wear – even some of their storage items took poorly to unseasonably cold temperatures.  Fortunately they grow a wide variety of vegetables so not everything was impacted – beets, leeks, fingerling potatoes and some cabbages all survived.  We even get our last delivery from the winter CSA program earlier this week!

Imagine the impact of that weather on a farm that was growing a monoculture.