Good Food: The Movie

Last night, we joined a crowd of about one hundred people at the Lynwood Theatre to view Good Food. Filmmakers were on hand to talk about the film and their motivation. Sound Food had a table of resources spread out and worked hard to encourage the Treehouse Cafe next door to serve up a delicious locally-topped pizza.

I left the movie with a very positive feeling. I didn’t necessarily learn any new information, but it was inspiring to get a close look at some of the farmers who are working so hard to bring conscientious food options to their communities. The film emphasized stewardship of the land and presented a case-study of successful organic farming in the Pacific Northwest. The filmmakers expressed a hope that the success of the farmers here would inspire endeavors in other parts of the country.

Good Food presented a look at a wide variety of farms. We were happy to see our favorite meat vendor, Skagit River Ranch, make an appearance in the film. We were intrigued to learn about the Bluebird Grain Farms. (Anybody want to go in on an order? We can get a discount if we order a whole pallet. We only need to commit to 1800 pounds of flour…)

Good Food plays again at the Lynwood tonight at 5:00 and has several other screenings in WA. The filmakers hope to bring it to television, for a wider audience.

Treehouse Cafe is serving up a delicious pizza topped with Tani Creek’s tomatoes, Laughing Crow onions, and Port Madison cheese.