There’s a new cheese in town

newmoonWhat could be better news? Mt. Townsend Creamery has a new cheese called New Moon. We bought some at the University District  Farmer’s Market a couple of weeks ago and sliced some down last night to top a hamburger.  I must confess that we munched much more while we were waiting for dinner to be cooked.  As a snacking cheese, it has a delicious bite with a simple and smooth taste.

New Moon claims to be “what the moon would taste like if it were made of cheese.” While we don’t have any idea about that, we can definitely vouch for it’s  out-of-this-world-flavor.  (Ha ha.) Is it a provolone? Is it a mozzarella? We don’t know.  It certainly melted well and has lots of possibilities.  And at $10 a pound, you won’t feel bad using a heavy hand for that Friday night pizza. (I almost felt a little guilty paying that little for  such a large hunk of cheese, but then I remembered just how much Mt. Townsend cheese I buy…)

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