Congratulations, Sound Food!

Everything is packaged in easy $5 amounts.Our Sound Food Ferry Farm Stand made the ‘Best of Seattle’ list!

Best Local Food Market for Captive Consumers

Stop by for some fresh produce every Wednesday, from 4:15-6:15. We represent a different farmer or group of farmers each week.  You can find us at the side door exit of the ferry building (near the info. hut.) We’ve been there in sweaters, and we’ve been there in 90F heat. We’re an intrepid bunch of volunteers!


The Fruits of My Research

dreaming of fruitSo, I’m terribly greedy. Here I am surrounded by beautiful vegetables, vegetables that I’ve dreamed of all winter, and all I can think of is: FRUIT! Being a breath too late to secure some strawberries at the Bremerton farmer’s market yesterday has only made me more impatient. (The man said, as I was getting my money out and my mouth was watering, “No, you can’t buy these, they’re all sold.” Oh!)  Soon, I know that we’ll have strawberries at our home market, and I’ve heard rumor that they’re already out in the Seattle markets. To make your mission easier, here are some things that I have learned about finding fruit:

  • Rob, of All One Family Farms, is taking orders for fruit to be delivered later in the summer. Check out which route you are on and make decisions about what you would like. Order forms, due June 15, are on his website:
  • Tiny’s, an oft prevalent Seattle vendor, always has scrumptious organic fruit. They have stands at Pike Place Market and many other locations. They have a really handy harvest schedule on the front page of their website, so that you will know exactly when certain fruits start coming out. If you’re looking for a lot of fruit to can, you are able to make a large order. They take orders when the fruit is ripe and not ahead of time. You can arrange delivery to the closest farmer’s market.
  • Soon, it will be time to forage. Salmon and thimble berries are starting to show themselves around here, and the countdown to wild blackberries begins.

Don’t forget to plan ahead. Think about how you’re going to store some of this fruit for the winter. You’ll be glad that you did!

Strawberry update: The Day Rd. farmstand is open! You can buy strawberries by the flat or pint. Look for the strawberry flag and go early.

Kitchen Scraps

  • We went to hear Ruth Reichel, of Gourmet fame, talk about her newest book at Elliot Bay last night. While she talked more about women’s issues than food, she was still fascinating. And?? They’re serving Hot Lips Soda in the cafe. Whoa.
  • The Seattle Cheese Festival is happening at Pike Place Market this weekend. I heard this interesting piece about burrata cheese on the radio this morning. How caEdible Schoolyardn you not be intrigued by a cheese that is a fresh mozzarella stuffed with reduced cream? Mmmmmmmm.
  • A big thank you to my favorite, glorious librarian who found this book for me: Edible Schoolyard. Written by none other than Montessori teacher turned chef, Alice Waters, it was inspirational and beautiful. If you’re someone who believes in the power of food and the empowerment of kids, you’ve just got to read through it.

Seattle Chef on Iron Chef Tonight

We discovered Osteria La Spiga on our first visit and exploratory mission to Seattle. The restaurant used to be in a tiny little space on the corner, where you could see the chef making fresh pasta from your table. Watching chef Sabrina Tinsley roll out long sheets of pasta and turning them quickly into ravioli was an amazing sight. We were inspired to go home and give it a try, and we’ve been hooked on homemade pasta ever since. Tonight she’ll be on Iron Chef (foodnetwork, 10pm). Battle: beans! Watch carefully. Maybe she’ll show us how to make piadina.

Thanks, Seattlest,  for your story – wouldn’t have wanted to miss this!