Massaged Kale Salad for a Picnic

I am loving this salad in various forms these days. It’s a great traveler – drop it off as a surprise for a busy friend, take it to the park, make it minutes before dinner and add some quick green to your meal.

massaged kale salad

Even though this is an easy dish, many hands make light work, right? This is one that the four year old likes to help make. (In the photo, he is helping by snipping the leftover kale stems, which he’ll take out to the chickens for a treat.)

kale for chickens

one bunch kale
a dash of apple cider vinegar
a drizzle of olive oil
two sprinkles of kosher salt
one grind of pepper
any raw veg that you may have: grated carrots or radishes are especially nice
optional: chickpeas fried in olive oil

  1. Tear kale leaves from the stems. Chop the leaves roughly and place in a large bowl.
  2. Pour vinegar and oil over kale. Sprinkle with salt. Now, massage those leaves! (This is a great job for a kid!) Squeeze and rub the leaves until they are broken down and soft.
  3. Add the veg on top and….done!!
  • To add protein to this dish, go ahead and saute some chickpeas. Use freshly cooked or canned. Rinse and then dry on a kitchen towel. Next, on medium heat in a large skillet, toss olive oil and chickpeas. Stir often until the chickpeas are brown on all sides. If you’re using them in this salad, do not salt. (If you’re making them for a separate snack, I’d recommend fine salt sprinkled on after cooking.)
  • I learned the trick of massaging kale from this recipe.
  • A crinkle cutter makes a wonderful chopping tool for a small child. It’s easy to use, fun, and begins to teach about being aware of knives in a safe manner. This is the same brand as the one we use, which I picked up at a Montessori conference.crinkle cut carrots



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